What We Are NOT Doing

Dear folks,

We need to look long and hard at what is happening in our society related to firearms and teenage boys. We have a serious problem on our hands and these mass murders are getting far too commonplace to be considered an aberration.

In the most recent case in Oregon, news reports state the murderer had been “a student” of other mass killings. He allegedly said, “I’ve been waiting for years to do this,” then shot his teacher point-blank in the head.

It is time to stop pretending these are isolated incidents and start looking for the causes.

We have a social issue on our hands and we need to stop fighting about our right to bear arms and look deeper at the problem. When did we become a society where mass murder is just another news story? When did we get to a point that sending our kids to school or church might result in them facing their deaths?

Good grief.

We need to stop fighting and start looking for the root causes of this deeply anti-social behavior.

The future of our “civil” society depends on it.


10 thoughts on “What We Are NOT Doing”

  1. Len, this last mass murder has made me do some serious thinking. What it’s going to take is some serious, “re-education.” Just as MADD has been able to change the public’s perception of drunk driving, we as a society must change the thinking of, “crazed lunatics” that killing mass numbers of our citizens will not be tolerated in a civil society and that it lets them know that their potential actions are actually an act of ultimate cowardice.

  2. Your right Len. These incidents should lead us to national repentance and true soul searching. Instead, two camps spring instantly to their political positions and we are becoming numb to the suffering that is being perpetrated.

  3. Yes we desperately need real dialogue to address this national emergency. No, he was not a teenager, so what? Is that the only criteria for misguided acts? There’s a growing national rage against some unnamed oppressor that has caused people of every age to feel justified in shedding innocent blood to get attention. Any argument against a solution is misguided and just as irrational as the killer’s act. The argument only reinforces a desperate killer’s bloody intent. Every citizen has been given permission by their 2nd amendment right…to garner national outrage by taking a gun capable of killing many, many people to satiate their rage? This is the very purpose of the killer! By not acting, we are all at fault.

  4. I believe these shoots are out of hand. I read the guns the young fellow had were legal? Who needs so many guns. It’s not guns who kill; it’s people. I don’t know what the answer is. He lived with his mother, was a quiet fellow, but must have had mental issues. ❤ ❤

  5. I fear that in addition to some of the good things that progress has granted us, change in society is very very frustrating to some. This comes also with the nearly complete removal of the idea that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however backward it may seem. Society is polarized more than ever before dispite the appearance of calm, we are seeing the results of it in people taking matters into their own hands in order to get a message out and in order to be heard. Guns themselves have little to do with it. I have to think that if the guns removed then another manner of making a point would be found. Also, while I am proud of a nation that has freedom of the press, all of the attention paid to these individuals after they commit a horrible crime has its negative side.

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