Feeling Heartened

I am in Week Two of my “Writing Short” class that I am teaching for Story Circle Network and I just have to say how much I am enjoying this experience. I have taught this class many times over these past several years and each time, there is a wonderful coming together of personalities and talent that produces not only compelling writing but also good human interaction. In other words, I always feel heartened as a result of spending time with my students and their writings.

This particular session is slightly different in that I have three younger students in the class: two fourteen-year-old sisters and a nineteen year old, along with two older women of varying ages. I was not worried about this age mix since I routinely teach teenagers in person and find their writing generally challenges me to push beyond any boundaries I’ve created. As it turns out, these particular girls are all exceptional, not only in their writing ability, but also in their analytical skills. My older students would be hard pressed to complain that the level has been brought down by these three. If anything, it has been elevated. Alas, another reason to feel good about the human race in general and our youth in particular.

On that note, I’ll close. I have had a long, but excellent day with a multitude of satisfying interactions with friends and students. Today is one of those days when I pinch myself for being so lucky that I am a writing teacher.

Happy Wednesday, my friends. We’ll chat again tomorrow.


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