Back to Pottery Class at the Barnsdall

We went to our pottery class today at the Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood. Ray, Liz and I are taking this class for the second time. It lasts 10 weeks and is 3 hours every Tuesday night. The best deal in town since for a senior (62 and above) the cost is $90 + $50 materials fee. I think the regular cost is $120 + $50.

I have not done much art in my life, but this is proving to be a treat. I feel as if I’m four again, just playing in the mud. This is slab pottery, not the wheel so there is not as steep a learning curve. Just get in there and start playing.

Here is a picture of a vase I made in the last class.


I am slowly finding my way…

Off I go to bed. It was a busy day today and tomorrow will have it’s own adventures.

I’ll be checking back in. Sleep well, my friends.

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