The Gifts I Receive

Today we had our Breakfast Club at St.  Thomas the Apostle in Hollywood. We had our usual patrons, and our usual fare of homemade goodies, ranging from cheesy potatoes to bread pudding.

I went out and sat at a table for a while with our diners. One of the homeless women came up with a stack of papers and said to us, “Write what you want to ask God for on these pieces of paper. I promise I won’t read it. I will just take it to a church with a prayer request box and place them inside.” We all wrote one, then handed them back. She smiled at all of us. “We can’t expect changes if we don’t ask God for help.”

She was nicely dressed and could have been a regular at just about any church in the country. I was struck with her simple message. Yes, we all need to ask for the needed changes in our lives.

I am often reminded of how much I receive from this simple act of feeding the homeless. I learn so much from these people who possess so little. It is humbling in a profound way.

I am blessed.

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