Home At Last!

Finally back home after what seemed like a very long trip from Texas to Ojai and then down to LA. I am just glad to be here. We are both exhausted, but happy to have made it through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California pulling almost a 20 foot trailer with a fifteen passenger van. I did lots of the driving without incident. Perhaps I am on my way to redeeming myself after our almost fatal van/trailer accident a few years back when I was at the wheel.

I am heading upstairs to take a bath and hit the sack. One of my students just left and I am editing a paper for another. Tomorrow we are up early to work at the home of one of our estate clients in La Canada/Flintridge.

Oh, yes, and after work tomorrow, we get to see two of our three daughters, perhaps one son-in-law and an almost son-in-law, and definitely our beloved granddaughter, Luna. Clearly, I need to rest up. I have a lot of hugging to do!

We’ll be talking soon.


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