Reflections On Traveling, the Wild West and Being a Woman

Ray and I are driving through New Mexico and Arizona enroute to Ojai tonight. In just a bit, we will cross the Colorado River and enter California. We are pulling a big trailer, which is why we are going to Ojai instead of LA. We will be leaving the trailer there to unload before we use it to move the remaining furniture in a big estate we are handling. Besides, a night in the orange grove after a long road trip sounds especially restful. 

Driving through this open landscape sends me to imagining those early scouts who traveled west to see what they would discover. I can put myself right on horseback with those fellows, though as a woman back then I doubt if I would have been invited. Nevertheless, in my imagination I am right there on my trusty horse with a comrade or two, plus a rifle and a bedroll. I would have dearly loved to be part of that scouting party, discovering the beauties of this rugged western land. I would have been happy to make a campfire every morning and night and also sleep under the stars. I realize I am romanicizing the experience, but what I am saying is that I would have been excited to be part of that westward journey. 

As I age, I get the benefit of not being burdened with the thoughts I might have had as a younger woman. Those thoughts would have centered on my safety, particularly as a female. What if on this imaginary western scouting expedition we encountered men who spotted me as female?  What might happened then?  It’s not that I have ceased to be female at this point or couldn’t be sexually assaulted, but the difference is now I don’t concern myself with such things. Before I would have felt vulnerable; now I would just pull my gun out and shoot them. Ha!  There is a great sense of liberation with that realization. Yes, aging does bring some great benefits, not the least of which is some breathing room to consider alternate action. Yes!

On that note, I will close. I will need to be taking the reins soon. My companion on this overland trek is staring to get tired. 

I hope you are all having a day where you get a little time to daydream. It’s lots of fun. 

Talk tomorrow. 


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