Work, Heat, A Visit and Air Conditioning

Today we were up bright and early – beating the heat – to work on items related to our estate business. We were able to be efficient and busy in the cool before the sun rose above the 14 story building across the street. This is so far the only real advantage of having that very tall building shadowing our house; besides, of course, that time when Lindsey Lohan was living over there for a few weeks and the paparazzi were literally parking in our driveway to get that perfect shot of her as she headed to Starbucks for a latte. But back to the sun…

Yes, it did burn bright again today. I don’t think it was as hot as yesterday by a degree or two, but the humidity was at 44% so it felt humid and pretty toasty.

We went down to Fullerton this afternoon with Luna in tow to visit Auntie Rachael. She recently expressed a desire for scheduled parental visits so she can see us while getting used to the demands of law school. We were happy to accommodate, of course, and it was Ray’s idea to toss Luna into the mix. Rachael, as Luna’s constant companion (and nanny) last year, is severely missing her little charge and needed to see her at least as much, if not more, than Ray or me. Luna needed to see Rachael, as well, based on the look of pure joy on her face when she spotted her. The temperature in Fullerton was 102 when we arrived. Yes, even Texas people will admit that sounds pretty darned hot.

Our visit consisted of going to a hamburger joint with air conditioning and chatting over turkey burgers and fries. Luna ate, played a while, then fell sound asleep on Auntie Rachael’s lap. A very sweet sight, I might say.

This evening when we arrived home, our house was hot even though we had left a few windows open. We spent time in the living room only long enough to break into full sweats before deciding to head up to our one air-conditioned room. That is where I am sitting right now. We have the air conditioner blowing plus a fan just so we get the air to move around. I have not felt anything quite this delicious is a while…

So, let me just say that I am happy to be up here in the cool. Also, I am looking forward to hitting the sack soon. The heat does drain, that is for sure.

On that note, I will bid you adieu.

Talk care, stay cool and see you tomorrow, folks.


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