Heat, Heat and More Heat

Lordy. We are melting over here. Even in our air-conditioned bedroom, it feels warm. And it’s 9 o’clock at night!

Today, I had a whole series of students – college essays – in my den. One fan for my student; one fan for me. Curtains pulled tight. Ceiling fan on. Sweating, nonetheless. We couldn’t even think of going into the living room. The sun was blaring through the windows in there.

Tomorrow is also hot. We are going to Ojai on Friday, where it’s supposed to be 95 degrees in the heat of the day. I believe our plan is to get there early and leave by noon. We have work to do up there related to our estate business so it’s necessary to go. Otherwise, we would scrap it in a heartbeat.

This is short tonight. The heat on the bottom of my computer, coupled with the not so cool air conditioning is not making me too happy. Alas…it’s time to go down among the whirring fans and watch another episode of Six Feet Under. We are now in Season 4. I would say so far, so good. Definitely one of those treats on television.

Sleep well. Stay cool. We’ll visit again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Heat, Heat and More Heat”

  1. You poor things! Who would think lovely California would be so hot! When I was a kid (no air-conditioning), right before bed I took a cool shower and didn’t dry off then lay in bed in front of a window fan. It really did help. Also, when I worked in road construction for 10 years, I wore a wet bandana around my neck all day. Every time the bandana became warm, I resoaked it with ice cold water from my water jug. That got me through many hot summers! Thank goodness you have a.c. in your bedroom at least!

    1. Yes, it’s true that Southern Californians aren’t known for their toughness in reference to weather. We are the 70 – 75 degree people who fold when the temperature varies above or below that range. Alas, it IS hot here right now even by Texas standards. A cold bandana is a good idea. When I head up to Ojai tomorrow where it’s supposed to be at least 95, I might try that!

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