Heat Wave

First day back to work after the Labor Day holiday.

The temperature soared today, hitting a high of 97 degrees in Los Angeles. I saw students downstairs in the part of the house where there is no air conditioning. In the morning, I met with students in the den with the curtains pulled tight and three fans going. By late this afternoon, I changed to the living room with all windows and French doors open and two fans aimed in our direction. Despite that effort, by 8 pm when I would have expected considerable relief, I said to my student, “Is it my imagination or is it even hotter in here than when you came?” Her response, “It’s not your imagination. ” Our house, with thick stucco walls, is cool earlier in the day but seems to build up heat toward the end of the day. It doesn’t help that the house faces east and the western sun blazes down on the whole back of the house all afternoon and early evening. So, yes, it was especially hot today.

Tomorrow it is also due to be 97 and by Thursday it could be 98. Lordy, Lordy…

I am just grateful that we got so lucky with the weather while our friends were visiting. A heat wave in LA or Ojai is just plain miserable. We would have had to figure out air-conditioned places to go and those are usually a bit more pricey than an orange grove. Yes, we did get lucky.

I am now upstairs in our air-conditioned bedroom. Have I mentioned how wonderful air conditioning is? What a fabulous invention? Without it we might have trouble sleeping tonight. I am very aware that many folks will be sleeping in too warm apartments and houses this evening. Be sure to drink lots of liquids and stay safe.

As for me, I am going to take a quick bath and get ready for bed. I have done enough sweating for today.

Take care in this heat. I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

weather alert

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