Last Day with Our Texas Friends

Our friends are leaving early tomorrow morning. We headed back from Ojai this afternoon and spent the late afternoon and evening visiting first at Liz and Ron’s house and then at Sarah and Gregorio’s. These are old family friends so they know our kids well and vice versa. It was important to spend time together since these visits to CA are rare for them.

Tomorrow I have my writing friend arriving at 8 am, then students for most of the day. Work resumes with a punch. Still, these last few days have been restful. We did not over plan, but rather just spent most of our time hanging out together at the orange grove. The trip to the bench yesterday was only for about 2 – 3 hours. Most of our time was spent sitting around the fire ring, chatting and relaxing.

I hope everyone’s Labor Day holiday was a safe one. I am glad to be back home and ready to start my work week.

That’s the best part of a good visit with friends. It’s possible to emerge feeling happy and refreshed.

Thank you Darrah, Shann, Anabelle, Alex, and Addie for making the trek to visit. We had a wonderful time. We love you all very much.

On that note, I’ll say good night. We are all going to be up by 6 in the morning.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

Post-Beach Yesterday


The Road Back to LA Today


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