My Day with Little Luna

Grandma is tired.

We picked 2 1/2 year old Luna up at 7:30 am at the parking lot of the Barnsdall Art Center (Sarah is working at Children’s Hospital on a rotation for the next ten days and the hospital is a block away), then returned Luna to that same parking lot this evening around 6:30 so her mom could take her home. In between that time, Luna, Grandpa and I had quite the time.

This morning, after returning from the Barnsdall, we made homemade waffles and scrambled eggs. Yes, Luna helped with by measuring and pouring ingredients into the mixing bowl. We also had freshly squeezed orange juice.

Then we headed outside to the back yard where Luna played in the dirt, looked at all the vegetables in the garden, played with blocks, and then explored all the nooks and crannies behind all the plants back there. Of course, Cordelia was there the whole time. Sammie was inside resting.

Back inside for a snack – and then lots of drawing with crayons and colored pencils.

Lunch time with turkey meatloaf and potatoes and grapes for dessert. Also, more orange juice.

Then bath time to wash off all the dirt from the backyard activity followed by a 3 1/2 nap. (Grandma only slept an hour.) Cordelia kept watch for Luna the entire time she slept.

Up at 4 for another snack, then outside in front to run and jump and play in-between times of petting William, our cat. Then Grandpa came out and turned on the water hose so there was lots of slipping and sliding and running through the water.

Upstairs for a second bath to clean off all the grass from the front yard water activity.

More drawing with colored pencils and crayons.

Time to pack up to drive back over to Barnsdall to meet up with Mommy. More snacks on the way.

Good visit with Sarah, who looked remarkably rested given that she had just worked 10 hours. Meanwhile, Luna jumped and ran and talked to our dogs, who had come along for the ride.

Then we all said good-bye, and Sarah and Luna headed east and Ray and I headed west through the traffic. We returned about 45 minutes ago and I’ve had a little dinner and it’s now 8:18 pm. I am ready to put my feet up and relax for the evening.

How I ever did this with 3 children while running a business and a household is a mystery to me. I think I remember being perpetually tired.

Off to take my own bath and settle into bed.

I love Luna’s weekly visits to our home. The dogs, the cat, Grandpa and I adore this little girl.

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