My Updated Website & What I’ve Learned

I have added several new pages to my new website, changed the colors, added more photos and, in general, given it my best shot so far with my current skill level in website design (read: minimal – moderate). I am still baffled by how to connect this to a Google search so it’s actually helpful to my writing coach business, but I guess I will slowly figure this out. If anyone has a WIX website and knows the answer to that question, please contact me in the Comments Section. I have been trying to unravel that mystery for several days now to no avail.

Alas, I am ready for a second unveiling for those of you who are willing to give this a look-see and offer feedback.

The address is:

Lessons from Creating My Own Website:

1) Yikes, this is not very easy.
2) Good grief, shouldn’t I have hired someone to do this for me?
3) Dear Lord help me figure out how to connect this to Google and other search engines.
4) Why didn’t I use a WordPress website since that’s where my blog is?
5) Do I now need to create a website for our estate business? Probably. Should I use WordPress? Holy s–t, you mean after all the work I just did learning how to use the WIX site?
6) Do you really think having a website is that important anyway?
7) Again, calling for help on how to connect my website to actual search engines.
8) Will I be 80 before this thing is actually up, running and useful?
9) I do feel fairly proud that I did this all by myself.
10) I guess time will tell if a website is useful. The good news is that whether it’s tied to search engines or not, I actually really do now have one. Hooray.

Okay, on that note, I’ll close. Again, any feedback will be helpful.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Angelenos and Texans, I hope you are all staying out of the heat.

Talk tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “My Updated Website & What I’ve Learned”

  1. I think one way is to pay goggle. There are other ways to do “search engine optimization ” by using keywords, etc. Wish I knew more about it to help. Elaine

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    1. Thanks, Elaine. I will have to work on those optimizations after Labor Day. Our Sherman friends, Darrah and Shann + kids, are coming for the weekend. We are heading up to Ojai tomorrow night for the duration.

  2. Feedback? It’s stoned gorgeous, girlfriend. You did good. I have absolutely nothing I could suggest to enhance the sight as it is. You truly are a cutting edge techie! The site is professional looking, pleasing to the eye, loaded with information and very easy to navigate. Rest now, Len. You’ve done it!!!!!


  3. I am so impressed with ALL the students (and adults) you have helped with their writing! Your site is well done! You obviously have put a ton of work into it. The photos of your students are so professional looking. It truly is a professional site. Because I know you want it to be absolutely perfect, two things popped up that you might want to fix. On the page for “Classes Offered” – at the top, your image for the Story Circle Network is covering part of the word “Women.” I could only see “Wo.” And at the bottom of that page, your large rectangular image that says “What would happen if one woman…” is covering up most of the last two sentences of your text. Websites can look different in different browsers. I was using Explorer. Keep up the great work! I am excited for you!

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