Heatwave in LA

LA is experiencing a heat wave and it’s been tough on all of us. The temperatures over the past few days have been high. Yesterday is was 97 degrees; today close to 95. Plus the humidity has been up so the heat feels even hotter. Add to the mix all the asphalt from the roads and the concrete buildings all over the city and it suddenly becomes one big radiating mess. One of the women I know said that the temperature INSIDE her apartment was 95 degrees yesterday and only cooled down to 90 at 11 last night.

Many of us don’t have air conditioning because most of the year it is not needed or else we only have an air conditioner in the bedroom. Ray and I are in that category. Today and yesterday, we had work that required being in other parts of our house. It was fine earlier in the day, but by mid-afternoon as the western sun was beating down on the west side of the house, the downstairs got pretty unbearable. Today was the same. Luckily, we’ve had the option to head up to the one cool room in the house; many others don’t have that choice.

I believe the heat wave is due to break either tomorrow or the next day. I hope so. Many Angelinos suffer in extreme heat, especially those who have no money for extra resources. Hopefully, we’ll get some relief soon. Head for the beaches, folks.  They will be crowded, but at least there’s the cool ocean breeze and the water.

Take care. I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

FULLERTON CA, AUGUST 8, 2012:  Fullerton locals were  cooling off in the Spray Pool at Lemon Park in Fullerton on August 8, 2012 while the temperature was around 95 degrees. A heat wave will maintain its grip over the Southland today, sending valley temperature past the century mark, but the humidity will be lower than forecast, meaning the heat won't be quite as oppressive as had been expected, forecasters said. (Glenn Koenig/ Los Angeles Times)

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