Our Visitor Tonight: Daughter Liz

Liz came over for dinner tonight. Ron is off in Argentina with his Spanish class and that left her a little more free to make the trek over from Glendale after work. I made her one of her favorite meals: noodles with homemade tomato sauce. The fact that my children were fed this meal every night literally for years makes me wonder why any of them would want it now. However, all three of my girls have told me that spaghetti or noodles with my tomato sauce is one of their primary comfort foods – it reminds them of home. I will just take that as a compliment and leave it at that.

Liz is the new coordinator of the Glendale Adventist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, which is where her sister, Sarah, is working as a resident. This gives these sisters a chance to see each other at least a day or two a week at work, plus Liz lives really close to her new work so the family can rendezvous at her apartment when we are returning Luna to her mother after keeping her at our house. (Liz’s place is closer for us than Sarah’s). So, all is well in the employment department for Liz.

Tonight we just sat and caught up on all the news related to work and home over the past couple of weeks.

Thank you, Liz, for making the trek over. It was lovely to see you.
Send our best to Ron when you talk to him. Tell him to have lots of fun.

Talk soon, folks. It is time for bed.


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