Arrived Late This Evening in Ojai

We have come up to Ojai tonight to avoid getting up at 5 am to come in the morning. We need to mark off the trees we do not want to be picked; the pickers will be arriving bright and early Wednesday. (We mark off a few trees every year for our personal use.). We will only be here for the morning tomorrow since we need to get back home in time to attend to work there. Still, an overnight here somehow feels like a good week anywhere else so we both know it is well worth the trip. 

According to a website I just checked, the moon is in the waxing Gibbous phase with 67% illumination. It is true that it is pretty bright.  Ray and I were able to walk around the orange grove with little help from flashlights. The moon makes everything look soft and shadowy. Not in a scary way but rather in a muted way. Without the moon, the night here is very dark since there are no city lights. Of course that means the stars can be pretty spectacular. 

This newly arrived Airstream of ours is making these quick trips very easy. All we have to do is grab the dogs, a few clothes and a little food and we are all set to leave LA. Once here, we can be settled in a matter of minutes. Ah, the luxury. Here is what I am looking at right now:

Let me just assure you this is a major upgrade from the 1953 Spartan Manor which is our other accommodation here at the orange grove.  Not that I don’t love that Spartan. We have had countless happy times within those walls, believe me. 

Okay, I am now off to bed. I look forward to a very quiet night. 

Hope you all are feeling happy tonight. 

We will talk tomorrow. 

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