Rachael: Chapman University Law School Orientation

Today we drove down to Orange, CA and attended the parents’ component of Rachael’s law school orientation at Chapman University. We participated in a mock class on Property Law, then heard first from the Dean of the Law School followed by the Associate Dean of Students. Afterwards, we headed over for a swearing-in by the entire incoming class of an Oath of Professionalism. This was followed by a barbecue for all the class and their families.

Here are a few pictures of the day. You’ll see we brought along a little visitor. We figured that Rachael would be happy to see her niece and we could enjoy our granddaughter as we participated in the day’s festivities.

Rachael, a tired Luna, and Ray


Dean Tom Campbell


Swearing the Oath of Professionalism

Rachael Already Networking


Buying Textbooks in the Bookstore


The Two Day Orientation Packet for All First Year Law Students


I am very proud of Rachael. She is excited to start school on Monday and is already doing her best to make friends with her fellow law students and introduce herself to the faculty.

Our baby daughter is off on her new adventure…

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