A Letter to Myself

Dear Len,

Just checking in with you. I hope you’re doing well. I can see from my vantage point that you are feeling a bit frazzled at the moment. I thought I would offer a few suggestions.

1) Remind yourself that today is the only day you have; stop living in the future or worrying about the past. It’s time to just stay right here and now. You have some regrets, so what? You have some worries about the future, again, so what? Right now in this moment you are fine. You can plan, but don’t get married to a plan. One unexpected turn and all will be ditched in short order. So, relax and trust. Do your best everyday and let that be good enough. The rest will follow, whether you want it to or not.
2) Breathe deeper. You need to get those shoulders down from between your ears. There is no train to catch. At your age, my dear, you are also beyond needing to prove anything. Follow suggestion one and then add breathing to the mix. Repeat, over and over. Life will get better and you’ll live to that ripe old age you’re hoping to attain.
3) Let those you love know that you love them. Text your daughters, call your best buddies, take time for coffee and a walk. No one will die if you take a few minutes off from working to spend time with those you love. Your life will be richer and you’ll feel happier.
4) Get up and move your body every day. You can work if you want, that’s okay, but do not sit too much. You’ve been doing a pretty good job on this one; just keep it up. You know you feel better when you are physically active.
5) Go back to pottery class. You were pretty good at this and it was a fun time to share with Ray and Liz. Get Liz on this, she’ll help you plan it. Then go play with the clay. It’s a good outlet for you.
6) Don’t be afraid of change. Life is changing now with kids growing up and new babies coming and work life in transition. It’s okay. Change makes life more interesting. Nothing more boring than the same old, same old for years at a time. Besides, you’re enjoying almost all of what’s happening. Just don’t fret. Life is meant to shift. Go back and read #1 and #2. This will help.
7) Plan a trip to somewhere new. You and Ray can do that. You don’t have to rush into anything. Plan it and enjoy the process. New is the operative word. Not to the same places you always go. Forge a new path. Think Pacific Northwest road trip, for example, or two weeks in Great Britain visiting friends.
8) Start a great novel. Look forward to reading it every day. Enjoy the process. Get recommendations from friends.
9) Play with your writing. Always embrace “Beginner’s Mind,” so you don’t have to be good. Just show up on the page. Let your writing be bad if you’re having an off day. Nobody will die. Nobody need even see it.
10) Deepen your spiritual life. Read a new book or start a daily devotional. You can hardly go wrong with a thought-provoking reading every day.
11) Enjoy your husband. You want to savor that relationship. People sometimes look back and regret they didn’t appreciate his/her mate enough. Don’t be one of those people.
12) Do something every day that is kind. Whether to someone close or a stranger; make this world a little better with just one small positive action. I can’t imagine this won’t bring a measure of joy back to you. An unexpected smile can be enough to make your day.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Of course, there are dozens of other areas I could cover, but you get the gist. Embrace life, my dear. Don’t go into plod mode and live it like it will last forever.

On that note, I’ll bid you adieu. I’ll write again when it seems necessary. As for now, proceed with love.

Holding you close,

Your Higher Self


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