Daughter and Granddaughter Day

Today we are back in LA with Cordie and Sammie, who is moving slowly, but semi-fine, by the way. Not only did we have Rachael come visit us today, but we also saw Sarah and then picked up our beloved granddaughter, Luna, for a visit. This evening we saw our third daughter, Liz, when she and her boyfriend, Ron, came over for dinner. So, this could be officially deemed Daughter and Granddaughter Day.

Speaking of granddaughters, Luna is currently snuggled up between me and Ray in bed (with Cordie and Sammie curled up at the end.) Luna is getting big enough at 21/2 that she has turned almost into a real kid. She understands almost everything we say and responds appropriately. For example, I mumbled to myself tonight, “Where did I put down my glass of water?” just as we were preparing to head upstairs for bed. Her response, “Grandma, you put it in the kitchen.” Ha! Then she beat me upstairs and headed into our usual bedroom. I said, “We’re sleeping in the other bedroom tonight,” and she promptly slid off the bed and headed into the other room. Wow. I am impressed with that level of brain power in such a little person. It also just makes me love her even more since she is so quick to the draw. It’s as if she is right there in the conversation; not distracted and disinterested at all.

We will be returning Luna tomorrow at 5:30 so we get to enjoy her for most of the day. I can’t pretend that isn’t one of those special treats, just having that extra time. Wow, I must say that being a grandparent is all it is cracked up to be. A chance to have such a sweet relationship with such a darling little person is at the top of my list of things for which to be grateful.

I have included a picture of Luna below, just to give you a glimpse into her world. Of course, I think she is an absolute doll.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll be checking back in in the morning…

r & l


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