Ojai with Our Dogs

We just arrived at the orange grove. It is ten pm and the moon is not out. Instead we can see a sky full of stars against the dark night. We are in the Airstream and have electricity so making the bed and putting away provisions wasn’t quite as tricky as in candlelight.  Ray is off to the open air shower. He is a braver soul than I. I will heat water on the stove for a quick bath here in the Airstream. 

This has been a tough day. Our beloved Scottie, Sammie, is ailing and we fear the worst. She is resting comfortably right now. Cordelia is staying close by her side. We will take her to the vet first thing in the morning. Maybe we are overreacting but I don’t think so. She is having trouble walking and is weak. This looks a lot like how our sweet Winnie was just before she had to be put down. Ray has been teary on and off all day. He has become very bonded to these two dogs. I have been holding out for some heartening news tomorrow, but deep down I am not that confident. I guess we will see. 

However, as of right now, all is well. The dogs are resting together; Ray is now back from his shower and has offered to walk down with me is I want to enjoy lots of hot water.  He says it is definely worth the walk. I guess I will take him up on that offer 

Sleep well, dear reader. I will check back in tomorrow with news about Sammie. In the meantime, please keep our sweet Scottie in your thoughts and/or prayers if you are so inclined. 


4 thoughts on “Ojai with Our Dogs”

  1. Positive thoughts and prayers to you all, Len. We always know these times will come and yet we take these animals into our hearts. We are so much braver than we acknowledge. Peace to everyone.

  2. i am spiritually holding your hand as you do the hardest task in the world. You are not alone. Love her today, hold her tomorrow to help her on her way.thinking of you.

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