Habitat for Humanity Report from Liz and Ron

Daughter Liz and her boyfriend, Ron, have returned from their 10 day trip to Alaska to work on a Habitat for Humanity house in Anchorage. We saw them tonight and heard about the trip. The highlights that we heard tonight are as follows: 1) Yes, they hope to do this again. They are considering a Hawaii trip next year. 2) They liked it so much, in fact, that they are considering volunteering to be local coordinators for upcoming trips. 3) Liz slept in a Sunday school room in a sleeping bag on an air mattress with three other roommates. Ron slept on a pew in the sanctuary of the local church which was hosting them. I presume other men slept on other pews in the same sanctuary. 4) By the end of the ten days, Liz and Ron felt comfortable using power tools such as saws and nail guns. 5) The work day was from 8 – 12 and 1 – 5. Lunch was provided by one of those trailers that comes to work sites for the workers. 6) Different local families hosted dinner for the volunteers each evening. 7) The age range of the volunteers was from 18 – mid-70’s. 8) Both Liz and Ron said that meeting the volunteers and the people who worked for Habitat for Humanity was the best part of the experience. 9) They said that most of the people were either young – early 20’s or retired couples, who had turned their focus to volunteer work after finishing up with their regular jobs. 10) They both loved Anchorage and thought Alaska was beautiful.

The group of volunteers with Liz and Ron11807323_153652528301068_9015091379151074653_o  One of the three houses they worked on
11817121_672168493845_4748355770282498029_n  Ron and Liz11825678_672168289255_8209586596164647937_n

Congratulations, Liz and Ron.  I’m happy you had a great time.  Good for you!

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