Daughter Rachael: Off on Her New Adventure

Dear Rachael,

I know you are moving to your new home this weekend and starting law school soon; however, please remember that no matter what you do or how old you get, you’ll always be my baby. The picture below was taken 21 years ago this month. I love how we are giving each other that “connection” stare as we dance.


Please know that I love you and will support you in all your efforts. Also, be certain that I am proud of you for being a genuinely decent person. That is the greatest accomplishment of all.

I couldn’t be more pleased for you that you are embarking on this new journey. I am certain it will enrich your life. I look forward to hearing about your new studies and new friends. I will also enjoy coming down to Orange County to visit you.

Also, thank you for taking such good care of our beloved Luna this past year. You are the world’s best nanny. I can only imagine what a wonderful mom you’ll be one of these days. Luna’s life is better because of the time you’ve spent with her; you two share a special connection as a result. Also, you have helped Sarah and Gregorio so much with your constancy, which has only strengthened the love you all share. It has been wonderful to watch you three working together to support one another and Luna.

rach and luna

Remember that Liz and Ron are waiting in the wings to help with any legal questions; Dad is available to help with decorating tips for your new place; I will supply love and honey-sweetened cookies to keep you going.

Holding you close, sweet girl. You continue to make me proud.



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