Bach, Rain and Luna: 3 Of My Favorite Things

I am sitting in my living room, listening to J.S. Bach’s Oboe Concerto in F featuring F. Heinz Holliger. The air is cool wafting in from the open French door since we had a good steady rain a couple of hours ago. The road out front is quiet. A Sunday evening with most people around here either staying home or at least off of Doheny Drive.

This oboe concerto is lovely. Soothing. Makes me want to relax in a comfortable chair and just stare off into the distance.

We hosted our little granddaughter, Luna, last night for a sleepover. This, of course, was a treat. She brought her new play-doh set with her and spent at least 2 hours working at the kitchen table. She and I made different shapes from the various cut-outs that came with the set. A mama, daddy, little girl and baby was one grouping she particularly liked. She pointed to the baby and said, “Peanut.” This is the name her little brother has been assigned in utero. She also was very excited about the extruder, which she used over and over. I was impressed with her level of concentration. She was adding eyes and mouths to the animals she made with the cut-outs. I hadn’t even considered going into that level of detail.

Also, she seemed to appreciate my participation. At one point when I was working away on one of my own creations, she looked over at me and smiled. “Aw, Grandma,” she said, her tone tender. I’m not quite sure what she was thinking, but she was clearly glad to be sitting in my kitchen with me, engaging in her new favorite pastime. Such a sweet moment.


This morning, Luna, Grandpa and I went to the 8 o’clock mass at St. Thomas the Apostle. We were late since I had underestimated how long it takes to gather up a little girl’s multiple bags after a sleepover. I considered it a victory that we made it at all. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to get a little girl up, ready, and fed before 8 am. Of course, our church family was happy to see our sweet granddaughter. Smiles abounded.

Ray just came downstairs and announced there is a 100% chance of thunderstorms tonight. We can open the windows and go to sleep to the patter of rain. Oh joy.

I’ll check in with you tomorrow. I hope you sleep well, my friends.

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