Back Home

Tonight we are back home in LA in a quiet house. We have been very busy working and traveling and entertaining for the past several weeks so the calm of our home feels good. We have returned to our guilty pleasure at present: binge watching older television series. Right now we are watching the 1st season of Friday Night Lights and are enjoying it. I realize we are late to the party on this series since most people watched it when it was airing. I had heard it was good; it’s true, it’s very good. Texas football and small town drama is part of my history. My little town of 7000 was not that different from the town depicted in the series. We lived and breathed football and everything related to it. I am looking forward to getting to know these characters through the next several seasons we’ll eventually watch. That is the fun of Netflix. You can watch a series from beginning to end at your leisure and not wait for one episode per week. We’ll be pacing this one out for sure since I think there are five years of episodes. Lordy.

Alright, folks, I hope everyone is having a good Friday night. I am headed upstairs to bed since we’ll be volunteering at the Breakfast Club tomorrow for our homeless brothers and sisters.

Sleep well. I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

Friday Night Lights

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