Hollywood Tonight

Tonight we headed to Hollywood with our Texas guests. We went to the El Capitan movie theater, a restored old movie house of the first order, to see Inside Out, complete with a pre-movie stage show. This is the only theater I’ve ever visited where they have dancers who do a show that augments the movie. The first time I saw this was 21 years ago when we first moved to LA and the film at that time was The Lion King.

After the movie, we walked down to Grumman’s Chinese Theater to see all the hand and feet prints of old and new movie stars that are displayed in the cement. This is also where we met up with Ron and Liz who came over from Glendale to join us.

We walked around Hollywood and Highland, ate at Johnny Rocket’s and then headed home.

This trip to downtown Hollywood is a must-see for those who have not been to LA. Iconic is the word one of our guests used. That describes it perfectly: iconic.

Below are photos of our evening.

El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

tonight 1

Another View from Hollywood and Highland

El capitan3

Rendezvous with Ron and Liz at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

r, l, r

Front of Chinese Theater


Friends Taking in the Sights

Chinese 1

Joan Crawford


Jane Fonda


The Elephant at Hollywood and Highland


Sleep well, my friends I will check back in tomorrow.

I hope you’ve had your own kind of fun on this Monday evening.

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