Baby #2 On His Way

We are pleased to relay the news that our daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Gregorio, are expecting another child, a son, due in January, 2016. This will be Luna’s brother and there should be about 2 3/4 years between them.

Sarah has just reached the end of her first trimester. She is still suffering from morning sickness, but hopes that soon that will come to an end as her body grows accustomed to its new condition.

We are happy for the parents-to-be of child #2 and are also excited to know that the genetic testing results indicate all is well with this little boy. A boy. As a family with three daughters, a baby boy will be something new. We are all a little shocked, pleased and curious about the idea of a BOY. My goodness, we’ll hardly know how to act.

Sarah and Gregorio refer to the new baby as “Peanut,” so far and that is Luna’s reference point for him. “Where is Peanut?” Sarah will say and Luna will pat her mother’s tummy.

Yes, I am a happy grandmother tonight. I look forward to getting to know this new addition to our family. Who knows, if he’s late, he might even fall on my birthday: January 21. I hope not for his mother’s sake since he is due more like the 12th, but you never know.

On that note, I will bide you all adieu. Happy 4th of July weekend. I wish you safe travels, lots of fun, and a relaxed holiday.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Baby #2 On His Way”

  1. Whoopee, Len! Can’t imagine how excited with anticipation you are….balloons and a parade. A Boy!!!
    Oh, Boy! …..A BOY ! Wonder who Peanut will look like! Ummmm, I’m sure this Prince won’t be spoiled or anything. Not! And heck, why not! Spoil him good…teehee!

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