Thank you SCOTUS!

I am so happy that the Supreme Court has supported same sex marriage. I believe this is the absolute right thing to do, particularly since I am from a gay family with several gay siblings, and a mother who lived with her “best friend” for 29 years after my dad died. My brothers and sister who were gay wanted nothing more than to be allowed to have their committed relationships recognized as legitimate by the government; my mother, who was not officially “out” certainly wanted her beloved partner to be the person making her medical decisions, and must have dreamed of a time when their relationship could have been regarded as just one more love relationship rather than the subject of gossip and derision.

I am proud of our Supreme Court for honoring love between committed human beings.

I am thrilled the United States can stand strong as a representative for the world in reference to marriage equality.


I am only sorrow this day comes after those I love have died. Still, I am certain they are dancing in heaven with this news.


5 thoughts on “Thank you SCOTUS!”

  1. Now the United States is as progressive as Ireland and Mexico!!!! One small step ….

    On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 12:16 AM, Twenty Minutes a Day: A Step Towards a

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