Moving Ahead

I have just arrived home (10:45 pm) after going with Rachael to meet a potential apartment-mate in Orange County. This would be a place where Rachael could settle in when she begins law school in August at Chapman University in Orange. The young woman was lovely. She and Rachael could be sisters they look so much alike with strong, toned bodies and open, trusting faces. Her name is Sarah and she has a sister, Rachel. Needless to say, it seems like just the right match.

I enjoyed my evening with my youngest daughter. She is eager to savor this summer, but is also anxious to get started with this new phase of her life. I am much more comfortable knowing that she is going to have a great place to live with a young woman who looks solid, stable and open.

At this point, I must say good night. I am one pooped puppy after a very full day.

Sleep well, my friends. We’ll be talking more tomorrow.

Luna, Rachael, Ray and Liz on Father’s Day


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