My Father’s Advice

My father taught me a few basic truths about life. Here is a limited list of them in no order of importance:

1) Care about people and they will care about you.
2) Make friends one person at a time, which means individual relationships are more meaningful than group relationships.
3) Family is central.
4) Don’t take yourself too seriously.
5) If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.
6) Be transparent and people will respect that.
7) Be able to make fun of yourself.
8) Take chances in life.
9) Tell those you love that you love them daily.
10) Be actively involved in your community to make it a better place.
11) Enjoy good food.
12) Have fun.
13) Enjoy the outdoors.
14) Get plenty of sleep.
15) Wash dishes as you use them, and they will never stack up.
16) Keep your surroundings tidy.
17) Dress well.
18) Include a few adventures in your life.
19) Laugh a lot.
20) Make and keep friends for a lifetime.
21) Never be afraid to make a fool of yourself when having fun or expressing your feelings.

My dad was a good man who followed the above principles. While he was far from perfect, he made a point of being a decent human being. As I get older, I recognize that is just about the best any of us can hope to do.


1971 Family Photo

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