Flight Advisory, Tropical Storm and the Ranger Game

We are all settled into our hotel room near DFW airport before heading back to LA early in the morning. Our flight is at 6:30 am and we have already received a text from Spirit Airlines issuing a travel advisory. This is related to tropical storm “Bill” that hit the Texas coast and is promising to bring as much as 8 inches of rain to the North Texas area in the next two days. The rain started about twenty minutes ago as we were getting our bags out of our car.

Earlier this evening, we were in Arlington at a Rangers game with Ray’s brother, Rile, and his wife, JoAnn. This was our first foray out with them for a baseball night and I hope it’s not the last. The Rangers played the LA Dodgers, so I felt a mixed loyalty. Ultimately, I must admit that I was rooting from the Dodgers since they truly are my home team. However, the Rangers prevailed with a 3-2 win, after a home run broke the tie in the 9th inning. Exciting stuff, I must admit. We had a great time. Except for the humidity…

As we sat in the stadium, one minute I would feel fine temperature-wise and the next, I’d be drenched in sweat. It was 88 degrees at 10 pm with a crazy level of humidity. Of course, now that humidity has shifted to precipitation and the air is cool and wet. Much better. Though as far as the people of North Texas are concerned, more rain is hard to face after the wettest spring in many years. Alas, they will be getting more rain whether they want it or not.

As for us, we will be up long before dawn and heading to the airport to return our rent car. There is a good chance we will be driving through heavy rain as we navigate through the airport maze. I guess there may be a chance our plane is delayed due to weather. I suppose it would be smart to check our flight status before heading out on a dark and stormy morning.

I hope all is well with you, my friends. If you’re in the rain, then hunker down; if you’re in the drought, don’t water your lawn. As for me, I’m headed to a shower and bed and perhaps the first pages of a book that was a gift from a dear friend.

Talk tomorrow.


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