Furniture Hauling Day

Today was a furniture moving day. We added another space at Touch of Class Antique mall, which meant that we had to go down to our building (a mid-century Savings and Loan) and fill up two truck loads of furniture and small items. We only had a five block distance to travel which was handy, but then we had to unload the truck, stick everything on a freight elevator, then race up to the third floor to retrieve it. Our friend, Darrah Dunn, was with us and we’re all old hands at this kind of hauling, arranging and decorating so that a booth can look attractive for customers. The booths are all straight now and they look good. We can feel good about a job well done.

This evening we went to visit two old friends who invited us over for dinner. It was a lovely evening and I am really glad we went.

We have more work to do tomorrow morning before we head to a Rangers’s game tomorrow night with Ray’s brother, Riley, and his wife Jo Ann. I’m looking forward to going. Then early the next morning, we fly back to Los Angeles.

Whew.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity.  It’s all been good, but I am beat.

I need to head to bed. I think I’ve nodded off three times since I started. I hope everyone is well and enjoying a low-key summer.  I could use a little low-key time myself!

See you tomorrow.



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