Evening One of Reunion

Ray was sweet and came to Day One of my reunion. I think it’s a universal truth that nothing is more boring for a spouse than his/her partner’s high school reunion. Thank you, husband.

Tomorrow, I will return alone. Ray is off to Midlothian to move a second vintage trailer to Sherman for repairs. The Airstream is almost ready to go to CA. Our neighbors have kindly volunteered to bring it to us in Ojai. We are excited about their visit and also having the Airstream at the orange grove.

I saw a lot of old friends tonight. That was a good feeling. I have a whole host of folks I’ve known all of my life and it makes me happy to see them again. They are good solid people who have done good things with their lives. It’s an odd but good feeling to hear about their kids and grandkids and to think back to our beginnings in kindergarten or before. I feel very lucky to have such continuity in my life. Not everybody does and I am grateful.

I am off to sleep now. Ray is up early for his trailer adventure with our neighbor and I need to be up and ready to return to Bonham for a full day of festivities.

Good night, friends. I’ll check in again tomorrow.

Three old friends: Marianne Peterson, Charlotte Watson and Charles Wallace.

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