Texas Weather

I am sitting at my dining room table. A fan is whirring nearby and a train is whistling in the distance. We have opened the windows this evening to air the house and the breeze is blowing the curtains. It is not cool. The current temperature at 11 pm is 83 degrees and the humidity is registering right at 67%. Even with the fan I feel a little clammy and I’m certain we’ll be turning the air conditioning back on tomorrow morning. Also, we will be sleeping in air conditioning tonight upstairs since it would be too hot to sleep up there without it.

The weather was beautiful today. The wind was blowing all day, the skies had only scattered clouds and the temperature only reached 89 degrees. Over the weekend, we’re going to get some serious humidity. Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to be 89 degrees with 70% humidity. Lordy, Lordy. That is dripping wet weather.

Weather is a big topic here in Texas. In the summer, the conversations center on heat and humidity; in winter on snow and ice. Fall and spring usually are gorgeous though spring is tornado season so that produces its own conversations. The elements are alive and well here, presenting themselves in various degrees of drama. This spring has been one of the wettest on record; two winters ago was one of the worst in recorded weather history.

Currently living in a place where weather is fairly constant, I must admit that I like the variation of the North Texas climate. On the other hand, I am not all that fond of hardcore Texas heat or cold. However, there is a lot of variation within the variations, meaning that some summers and winters are mild. I remember when I was a kid, attending church on Christmas Day in a pair of shorts. I believe it was right around 88 degrees.

I am headed to bed now since we are getting up extra early tomorrow to beat the heat. We need to work outside in the sun and that is not a good idea after a certain hour this time of year.

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you are cool, calm and looking forward to a sunny and mild weekend.

We’ll be talking tomorrow.


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