We Made It!

We have finally made it to Sherman. We took a circuitous route from DFW since we decided not to pay extra for a Toll Tag. That would have added another $100 to our rental car price and we’re only using toll roads to and from the airport. But, as a result, we ended up getting a little lost and what usually takes 1.5 hours took a little more like 2. To reward ourselves for our thriftiness and patience, we decided to stop in Gainesville to eat catfish before we headed on home. (An excellent decision, by the way.) So, we are just now getting settled in after leaving home at 6:30 this morning.

Nobody mentioned it was going to be 97 degrees when we left the airport in mid-afternoon or that the car thermometer would register 103 at one point en route. (I don’t know if that thermometer was correct, but Ray checked his phone when we stopped for catfish and is was definitely 97.) Lordy, Lordy! This is only June, for heaven’s sake. That may not bode well for this summer’s heat.

I am sitting in the green room of our house – so named for the green wallpaper and curtains – and I have two competing clocks ticking on either side of the room, both slightly out of sync with the other. It is an interesting aural experience. One is ticking quite fast; the other at a much slower rhythm. They also have two different sounds – one higher pitched; the other lower and more sonorous. Add one more and it would be like living in a clock shop. I can’t wait until they hit the hour and half hour and the chimes starts!

We are both beat since we’ve been up since early morning. We flew Spirit Airlines, which I would recommend for the price. However, getting in and out of those seats – even for me – requires some serious contorting. Sardine can is the operative image here. Again, well worth the price. Just don’t think there will be any lounging going on!

Off I head upstairs to take a bath and settle in for the evening. It’s only 5:28 Pacific time, but somehow I think I’ll just go with the time difference and maybe start snoring by 9 Central Time. That way I can wake up refreshed in the morning.

We are working tomorrow and Friday before I head off to the Bonhi reunion in my hometown of Bonham (25 miles away) on Friday evening. This is an all-school reunion so the town is filled with classmates of all ages. It’s quite an event with a decent turn-out. It happens on the years that end with a zero or five. I am looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t seen since high school and others who I see a lot more often. Either way, it should be quite a treat.

I hope your evening is going well. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I can guarantee my Texas accent will be thicker by then.

Sleep well, my friends.


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