Creating a Website

This will be a very short post since I have been working for at least three hours on creating a writing website and my eyes are crossing. The bad news is the first two hours were spent trying over and over to edit some copy I had already posted. Finally in that last hour I was able to edit. Don’t ask me why because if I knew I wouldn’t have wasted those first two hours. 

I am struck with the awareness that much of life is about persistence and follow-through. I am persistent; the follow-through aspect is still up for debate. 

Sleep well, my friends. I am now retiring for the night. 

4 thoughts on “Creating a Website”

  1. Mercury is retrograde, until th 25th, I believe. That means possible problems with computers, communications, travel, and don’t commit to or sign any big or significant deals. At these times I don’t try overly hard to fix or correct computer difficulties because when Mercury goes direct again my fixes often have to be fixed. Sometimes, too, nothing goes wrong. Frustrating no matter what I do or don’t do.

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