Texas Visitor

I had a visitor from Sherman, Texas today, Amy Hoffman – Shehan, who arrived in LA for a conference. I met her at the Torrance Marriott this afternoon and we drove down to Long Beach for a view of the ports, the Queen Mary and then dinner at Malarkey’s Grill and One Hell of an Irish Bar at the Long Beach marina.

This was as much an adventure for me as it was Amy since Long Beach is not my stomping ground. We had fun navigating through the port area and then after my phone battery died, we resorted to the age-old approach – we stopped and asked a young couple where the best place to eat fish was. They did a great job of giving us several options, but highly recommended Malarkey’s. I can now personally vouch for the fish tacos and the location was top-notch. Below is a picture taken from the booth where we were sitting.  Here is a link to their website for any who are interested: http://www.malarkeysgrill.com/

It was lots of fun to see Amy and to talk for a good long time. I don’t usually get visitors from Texas so this was a treat. It’s always fun to share Southern California with my friends.

Tired now. Heading to bed.

Thanks, Amy, for the visit!

long beach

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