Sitting in the Ojai Kitchen

image imageIt is 8:30 in the evening, almost night, with what looks like a full moon rising, and I am sitting on the floor of our new kitchen. No finished walls yet, but a tin roof, a glass door and two windows. Also, electricity supplied from a very long extension cord plugged into the well house. Having anything electrical this close to our encampment feels amazing; I usually have to make quite a trek to charge my phone. However, tonight here I sit with my phone charging in our new kitchen. Lordy. Will wonders never cease!

I can already tell that this little building is going to transform our experience here at the orange grove. Not only can we store extra food in our mouse proof cupboards, but we will have a fridge right on site along with an oven and cooktop. You have to remember that I am used to cooking on a 3 burner Coleman stove and working out of an ice chest. This is a level of luxury I simply have not experienced here.  The best part is the kitchen is located right next to where our family and friends will be gathered so there can be camaraderie surrounding food prep. This is as it should be.

Ray and I have decided this little building will be our gift to each other for our 35th anniversary  which is next  week.  Nothing could suit either of us any better.

The finished product may be hard to visualize from these pictures, but just you wait, it will be great.  My husband has a gift when it comes to these things; he can create magical spaces.

I am feeling very fortunate and happy right now.

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