One of Those Days

I am not certain what to write about tonight. I’ve had several false starts, meaning that I’ve written a paragraph and then erased the whole thing. Some days are easier than others when it comes to writing this blog and today is one of the harder ones. I have attempted at least four different topics, but then I stop typing mid-sentence. “Nay,” I mumbled to myself, “I don’t care enough about this subject to write anymore, ” That’s when I hit the delete button.

My day hasn’t been interesting enough to write about. It has consisted of church, one student, several hours of eBay listing and one episode of Bloodline.

I did get my online glasses yesterday and I am trying them out today. I can’t tell if the progressive lenses are where they need to be. I know all progressives take some time adjusting to so I am just giving them a try. I have twelve days to return them for a full refund so we will see. As for the style and fit, well, we’ll see about that, too. They are fine, but I might like my old glasses better. I am giving myself time to get adjusted to these.

What else? Absolutely nothing. I continue to enjoy Bloodline. The tension is rising by the minute at this point, which makes for a more interesting viewing experience.

Can we chalk this day up as a little uneventful and let that be okay? I think that makes the most sense and I’ll just wrap up this rather mundane blog post.

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have more on my mind. As it is, I did fulfill my twenty minutes a day writing obligation with this so I have accomplished at least that much.

Sleep well, my friends. I will reboot and be back in touch tomorrow. Right now, I believe I will head to bed.

Night night.


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