Binge-Watching Again

Ray and I have begun the next TV binge-fest. This time it is Bloodline. We are only about four episodes in so I don’t quite know what I think, but it is definitely intriguing. The most interesting aspect of this family drama so far is the slow revelation of how far-reaching dysfunction can be in a family, and how it often stretches back to another generation. In addition, it clearly depicts how the person who is the identified “bad seed” can sometimes be representative of a whole family system where nobody is blameless. Of course, in the case of Bloodline, it is hinted that some of the more honorable characters are going to exhibit behavior that is fairly extreme. Over time I expect the viewers will see what prompts such behavior. That is the hook of the show, after all.

Bloodline is a far cry from Parenthood, which we still are 13 episodes shy of finishing. However, so far we haven’t found the last season on Netflix so we’re forced to shift gears and look for another show. Plus, I hate to sound quite so stupid here, but I have grown attached to the folks on Parenthood and want to shift my attention so that after the last episode I’m not feeling at a loss. I suppose I can defend these feelings by pointing out that well-drawn characters are supposed to evoke exactly this level of attachment. Or, I could just admit that I am a sucker for a good story and just leave it at that.

Whatever the case, I am now shifting my focus to Bloodline, which so far does not have characters with whom I can easily relate. However, I probably will get attached to them, too, before it’s over. As a fiction writer, I’m very comfortable in a made-up world. That may be the real reason I find myself so engaged.

On that note, I’m going upstairs to watch another episode of Bloodline. I must admit that I like watching television like this. It certainly beats having to wait a whole week to find out what happens.

Hope your weekend is going well, my friends. I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.


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