Online Shopping, Who Knew?

My children give me gift certificates for birthdays and Christmas at my request so that I will be motivated to go clothes shopping. This is not my strongest suit so all motivation is needed. One of the gift certificates I received was for Talbot’s, which was thoughtful of my girls since they know that this store carries a whole line of clothes in petite sizes. This is essential for someone like me who is 4’11”. So, I forced myself to go through photos online of various shorts from Talbot’s since I am woefully lacking in this wardrobe area, and then I pulled out my handy-dandy gift certificate and bought two pair.

Of course, I didn’t expect much to come of this since I’ve almost never bought a pair of shorts in my life that I haven’t had to have altered, but I decided to go for it anyway. What, after all, did I have to lose since I could always return the shorts?

The gist: my new shorts arrived yesterday and for the FIRST time in a very long time they actually fit. No alterations, no sending back, just perfect. Exactly right. Couldn’t have been better if someone had sewn them for me.

I hardly know how to act.

So today, fortified by that victory, I pulled out several of my other gift certificates and ordered two shirts and a pair of tennis shoes. They will arrive next week and we’ll see if my luck holds out.

Oh, and I forgot. I also ordered myself a pair of new glasses online. I know that was a major risk since they are progressives and that could get tricky, but again I thought, what the heck? I loathe going out to shop so maybe this web-based approach might work for me. We will see. I expect the glasses to arrive in the next day or two.

I realize that online shopping has been going on since the internet came into existence, but I tend to be a bit slow on the uptake. I have never ordered anything online for myself in my life until the last few days.

I am bolstered by my “shorts” success. Who knows? I might be thrilled to bits by my other finds. Or not. We’ll see. Either way, I am feeling heartened. I might not “hit” 100% of the time, but even if it’s just occasionally, my wardrobe is bound to improve.

We will see. But even if nothing else comes from my online shopping experience, I still have two pairs of shorts that are perfect. That makes my entire summer that much more pleasant and easy.

Who says life isn’t filled with a few simple pleasures?  Plus, I finally am using some of the many gift certificates that have been adding up for several years.  That is an extra treat all in itself.

Shopping online
Shopping online


3 thoughts on “Online Shopping, Who Knew?”

  1. This is amazing news, Len. Good for you. I haven’t ordered anything online other than books. I have seen some pretty dressing, unique and not too expensive I’d like to try. Haven’t found the courage yet. I like long sundresses for the summer. Cool and nice presentation.

  2. Yo, Len, I’ve also discovered the wonders of Internet shopping. The top of the list for me is not having to go into a shop and try on clothes that never ever ever fit properly. I’m on the other side of the “oh, woe” at 5’11-1/2″ and to my joy and amazement have found jeans, pants and dresses online that were TOO LONG! Wow, what a thrill.

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