Ojai Kitchen Progress

Today we made major progress on the Ojai kitchen. Here are pictures to give you a look at what’s happening there.

The platform is finished and in this photo we were seeing how our new cabinets will look. Remember, this is an orange grove with little critters.  We decided these metal office shelves would be perfect for food storage.  We will paint these an aluminum color to match the stainless steel of the Chambers oven and stove top.

beter yet


Here is the big window that will face west (the direction Gregorio and Ray are facing) and it will be directly above the sink.  This was from Restore (Habitat for Humanities retail outlet) and was a great buy at $50.



Here’s the sink, which Ray found in someone’s throwaway pile a while back.


Here is the smaller window that will be on the east (front) wall of the kitchen                next to the glass front door. We have been storing this just for this project.


Here is the glass front door still wrapped up from Restore.  A steal at $100.


The east wall (the one that is not up) will be primarily the glass front door and the smaller window. It’s not showing in this picture because I had to leave before the fourth wall went up.

3 sides up

The cabinets will stack and go in the middle of the right wall next to the refrigerator, which will be in the right front corner.

This oven and stove top from our house in Texas are identical to the ones we will put in the Ojai kitchen.  The only difference is that the oven is going to be counter height and will go on the right of the stove top instead of the left so it won’t be directly by the front door.  The stove top and oven will be on the left wall along with some counter space.

Lyon Kitchen

The height of the room measuring from the floor of the platform will be 8 feet so it’s going to be a tall kitchen.  We figured that would be good.  We might put in a ceiling fan since we’ll have plenty of room.

As you can probably tell, I am excited.  This kitchen has been a long time in coming so this is a major treat.

I hope your day has gone well, my friends.

I will see you tomorrow.

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