Mad Max: Fury Road

We have just returned from seeing Mad Max. Ray hated it; thought it was a waste of time. I, surprisingly, thought it was pretty good for the type of movie it is, which is pretty much one huge monster truck chase after another. Still, I have to say that I thought Charlize Theron stole the show with her portrayal of a character who has a calm demeanor coupled with badass strength. Tom Hardy does a fine job as Max, the loner who is tormented with flashbacks of his family’s demise. Together they form the backbone of the film, which is all about survival in the worst of times.

Critics love this film, which is why Ray and I went to see a movie that is so far afield from either of our usual movie preferences. I have heard or read at least 3 rave reviews from film critics I respect. I haven’t seen the other Mad Max films, which surely puts me at a disadvantage in terms of assessing how much better or worse this one is versus the others. However, I can say that as far as films of this type go, this was right up there in the stunt, chase, and tension-producing department. The visual effects were impressive, the sound track compelling and the chemistry between Theron and Hardy palpable.

This movie is for a particular type of film-goer, most likely those fans of the past Mad Max movies. For those of you who fall in that category, I believe I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. For those of us who are not so much into this type of action adventure/chase film, I would suggest you find a quieter, more contemplative movie to spend your money on. But if you are with people who truly want to see this movie, then go ahead and see it. You might find yourself unexpectedly drawn into the story and worried about the fates of the main characters.

I will certainly not need to see Mad Max a second time, but it was undeniably quite a show. But do not go if you’re hoping for catchy dialogue or a deep storyline. Those two aspects are missing from this film. Instead, you will get some of the best visual effects you’ve seen in a very long time and perhaps find yourself wondering how you might survive in a futuristic dystopic world where people are forced to band together to protect themselves against marauders and despots. Certainly a question worth contemplating.

To go or not to go? That is a question only you can answer.


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