Visitors in Ojai

We have just returned from an overnight visit to Ojai. We had the pleasure of having two visitors while we were there: Rachael and Luna. This was possible because Sarah is currently working nights and Gregorio had a graduate class on Wednesday night so Rachael was able to bring Luna up for the night.

We had a lot of fun first going to the beach in Ventura and then heading to the orange grove for turkey hot dogs, barbecue beans and potato salad. We all slept in the Spartan Manor – Luna and Rachael on our bed and Ray and I on a bed we made on the floor in the front room. (We decided we ought to give the more comfortable bed to our guests.) This morning we had freshly squeezed orange juice and bowls of oatmeal before Rachael. Luna and I headed off for a hike at the Nature Conservancy. (Ray felt he needed to stay back and work on the land.) After returning, we ate lunch and Rachael and Luna headed home to see Luna’s mom, who was just waking up from her day-time sleeping after her overnight shift at the hospital.

We had a wonderful time together. Ray and I are always pleased when one of our kids makes the trek up to Ojai, and we have also been looking forward to the day that our grandchild could come up to stay with us, too. It helps that all of our kids and their husband/boyfriends love the orange grove, too. Not everyone in life is an outdoors person, but all of us are. I am happy about that.

We are planning another trip this weekend for Sunday and Monday since it’s Memorial Day. Liz and Ron and Rachael are definitely coming; Sarah and Gregorio and Luna have to make sure that Mom and Dad aren’t too tired to make the trek. We will see.

Off I go to bed now. I got home in time to see a student for 2 1/2 hours for last-minute end-of-school projects. Now I am ready to crawl into bed and relax.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

A Different Angle of the Orange Grove with a Few of the Oaks We have Planted

orange grove

 Ventura Beach

Ventura better

At the store, stocking up

group bettetr

 Rachael and Luna

r and l

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