Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah

My beautiful firstborn baby is turning 33 tomorrow and I thought I would share a few pictures over the years. Here are just a few:


Sarah birthday 1


Sarah Jan 85

Sarah and Dottie

Sarah 4   family   girls       art project   Basketball game picture   with ray -younger   Len and Girls, 2005

UCLa   Petula   austin   jodi   Sarah and Gregorio new   Med School     S, R, and L   SAM           SAMSUNG     544462_10152676801460184_1783941862_n   5446_10200887117848301_1600236824_n

911471_10201010078442239_578594429_n   r's graduation   marriage       Sarah, G. and L.   1081549_10201774695077177_1889524806_n (1)   shann     Sarah, Amy and Luna   Luna and Sarah


sarah, g, and Luna       family


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