Cynthia Williams, Rest in Peace

Today is a sad day for all of us at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church, Hollywood. Our beloved Cynthia Williams died this morning after being diagnosed several months ago with cancer. While there is relief in knowing that she will no longer suffer any pain, we will miss her ready smile, deep-throated laughter and generous spirit.

Cynthia’s wonderful son, Randy, is a fellow acolyte with me and has been at his mother’s side throughout the process of her diagnosis and treatment. He and his mom have been best friends for years so I know this is tough on our sweet Randy. Yet, I have watched him over these past months go through the entire grieving process from denial, to bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. Just last week he said to us in the sacristy before mass that as much as he will miss his mother, he couldn’t stand the idea of her living in constant pain.

Alas, Randy, your mother is now free.

May light perpetual shine upon our dear Cynthia. She was a fine human being who lived and died with dignity. May she now rest in peace.

As for Randy, my love goes out to you. Here is a prayer I found in which I hope you’ll find comfort:

May she rest in peace where sorrow and pain are banished,
and may the everlasting light of your merciful love shine upon her;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



5 thoughts on “Cynthia Williams, Rest in Peace”

  1. Randy’s post was the first one I saw on FB this morning & I’ve been praying all day. It’s so sad, although life with Jesus is so awesome. Sad for us I ‘spose.

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