Ted Talk: Play is More Than Just Fun

Tonight I went to a Dodgers game, courtesy of my beloved son-in-law Gregorio. We had great seats and it was an exciting game. I had lots of fun with Sarah, Luna, Gregorio and Ray. No worries, no work, just pure play.

Here is a video that explores the benefits of play.

I thought it might be interesting to look at the science that suggests that play is an important part of our lives.



5 thoughts on “Ted Talk: Play is More Than Just Fun”

  1. I generally don’t watch videos but I’m glad I watched this one. When he spoke about the way two different groups of rats – “players” and “nonplayers” – reacted to the perceived threat of a cat, it brought to mind the way humans are playing (sorry! No pun intended) out these days in the sense of those who seem to be very fearful and want to revert to hiding in “safety,” and those who are more willing to progress and see if we can move on. I’m afraid I’m not making much sense here but I feel like I’ve just grasped some sort of Truth.

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