The Flight Back to LA

I am on the airplane headed back to CA from Texas. We are on Spirit Airlines, whose tickets are not too much, but neither is the leg room. Still, I’m not complaining. I have been on a weeklong trip and I have not driven the almost 3000 miles round-trip miles.

The pilot has just announced that we are in our “final descent.” I know we have at least a few minutes since the flight attendants are hawking a Spirit Airlines MasterCard so I think I might have time to finish this post since they still will be coming through the cabin to pick up applications. “It’s a great time to sign up for the card,” a male voice is saying over the intercom.

A baby just started crying. Probably ears are hurting as we descend.

“I’ve never gotten a window seat. Not ever,” a young man says a few rows back.

I can see the beginning of lots of homes down below. I did get a window seat on this flight, courtesy of Ray, who graciously offered it to me. The sky has thin white clouds stretching through the blue.

I hear that same young man teasing the female fight attendant. I don’t know what they are saying except I hear him say, “Maybe I’ll hire you.” He is met with silence.

Our daughter Liz is picking us up at the airport. This is an act of kindness since it will take her 45 minutes to drive from her work downtown to LAX during rush hour. Thank you, Liz.

Our friend, John Davies, brought us early last Wednesday morning. We made record time getting to the airport, but we all knew that we would be passing over Phoenix before he reached home since he would be fighting early morning traffic. Thank you, too, John.

I was sorry to leave Texas. So nice to be there in our home and see our friends, family and neighbors. But now I am glad I’ll soon see our dogs, Cordie and Sammie, and tomorrow or Friday, we hope to see our CA family, which includes Luna, of course.

Okay, now I have to stop. Our flight attendant has just declared, “All seat backs and tray tables in their upright position.”

I will see you again tomorrow, my friends.

Leaving Texas

leaving Texas






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