Heading Back to CA

We will be heading back to CA today (it’s officially Wednesday here in Texas). We’ve had a great trip. Much less work this time and more time with friends. That’s always fun.

I always am sorry to leave our home here. It’s a lovely and serene place. It’s a treat simply to be here.

We’ve eaten Tex-Mex and fried catfish; seen the bluebonnets covering the roadside; headed southwest to Fort Worth twice and crossed the Red River into Oklahoma once; gone to two estate sales; seen our church friends; seen our closest friends and family; visited with our neighbors; vacuumed and dusted our house; surveyed the work on the new upstairs apartment as well as the repairs done on the Air Stream we’ll bring to CA in June; and listened to lots of rain on our tin roof.

Hard to beat that kind of trip.

I will say we still need to find some good ole Texas barbecue! We may have to wait until the June visit for that.

Night, friends. Next time I write, we should be back home in CA.

Talk soon.


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