Back in North Texas

I am sitting in our house in Sherman alone; Ray has gone off to play a trivia game with our friends. I am not ready for that. I am barely here, only arrived a few hours back. Besides, I can’t remember the last time I was in this house alone. Well, the truth is our renter is here in her little apartment, but that doesn’t count since we’ve already had our “Hello, How you doing?” conversation and I don’t expect I’ll see her again this evening.

I am an introvert, believe it or not, and while I truly love people, I need my time alone to recharge. I don’t count Ray being in the house as being “with others” since we are comfortable going off to our separate spots for long periods of time. Still, like tonight, his extroverted self feels ready and willing to head off for group fun while I shrink at that idea. I need some time to regroup. I don’t mind writing this during that time, but please don’t make me go sit in a group of people right now. That does not sound like fun.

On the other hand, if this were the only time that I was going to see this people – which it is not –  then I would have sucked it up and gone. I understand the importance of showing up. I would go as far as to say that just showing up is about 99% of what is required for most of the important/difficult moments in one’s life, such as wedding, sick beds, funerals, etc. I would venture to say that you can show up and say the wrong thing and still people will appreciate that you made the effort. So many people I know won’t visit someone in the hospital because they don’t like hospitals or else they won’t go see someone who has just had someone die in their life (like a mother, husband, child) because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. I am aware from my own life that the only thing you really notice if you’re on the receiving end of the showing up action is that the person is there. What they say is almost not important unless they say something so outrageously insensitive that it’s impossible to ignore. (Which most of us would never ever do no matter what the circumstance.)

Anyway, I am happy to be at our home here in Texas. I am happy to see all the progress on the multiple projects we’ve had going here, and I am delighted to settle in for the evening and get my sea legs before moving into visiting mode. By tomorrow, I’ll be all set. It’s just this first night after two days of busyness that feels so precious.

On that note, I’ll close.

I hope you are well, dear reader. Thank you for reading my ramble. I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow.

north texas

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