Rachael’s Birthday Celebration

Today we went to the Griffith Park Horse Rentals and went on a trail ride to celebrate Rachael’s birthday. Luna had her own personal ride with the aid of her Daddy and her Grandpa. After the ride, we had a picnic in a big green field near the stables. The weather was perfect and the family was relaxed and happy.

Life is good.

Here are pictures from today:

Family Shot

group with Len


Family Shot with Natasha

group with Natasha

Getting geared up and ready to go

group in stable

The Luna Team

Dad and gregorio

Rachael, Natasha and Liz

horses rachael

Ron and Sarah

ron and sarah



Ray Taking a Rest


Liz and Luna

Liz and Luna

Liz and Rachael

Liz and Rachael laughing

Ron Making Some Serious Moves

liz and ron

Sarah, Gregorio and Luna

g, l, and s

I feel very lucky.

Happy birthday, Rachael.

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