Happy Birthday, Rachael

Today, my youngest daughter, Rachael, turns 24. It seems impossible to even imagine that it’s been almost a quarter of a century since that little baby arrived so quickly and easily at 7:40 am on a sleeping bag on our bedroom floor, delivered by a midwife. i was shocked when the midwife said, “Just one more big push.” I was expecting to push for at least an hour like I had done with Rachael’s two sisters. But no, Rachael was ready to greet the world as soon as possible, and there she was, all pink and wiggly, with big eyes, blinking as the morning sun shone in through the east window.

Tomorrow we are celebrating by heading to Griffith Park and going on a trail ride. Everyone except Grandpa and Luna, that is. They will be staying behind for a twenty-minute hand-led horse ride for Luna. Then we’ll sit in the park and have a picnic, complete with homemade peach cobbler and honey-sweetened whipped cream.

I feel happy, blessed, and privileged to have Rachael Marie Beaty in my life. She is genuinely one of the most decent people I know in the world.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Enjoy your birthday party tonight with your friends. We’ll see you in the morning and see what it’s like to explore Griffith Park from the back of a horse.

Your mother loves you.

Bree and Rachael



rachael and bree


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